FORM  5 
      Application for Permission to constract , Extend or Take into use
any building as a factory
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1. Applicant's Name *  
2. Applicant's Profession
3. Applicant's Address *
4. Name of the Factory *
5. Postal Address of the factory
6. Situation of the factory
                a) Town / Village
                b) District *
                c) Subdivision *
                d) Nearest Police Station
                e) Pin.
                f) Mobile no.
7.  Particular of the plant to be installed
8.  Plan -drawing are   submitted:
9.  If the plans have been approved earlier give
the    number and date of approval of previous
plans except in the case of initial approval.
10. Total installed Horse Power *
11. Maximum no. of workers proposed to be
employed in the factory *
12. Application Fee*
13. Application Date

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