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Service Facilitation Centre (SFC) started as a Single Window application in the Office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Udaipur, South Tripura on July, 2000 and serviced about 66,000 Citizen Request till August, 2003. The E-Suvidha application being implemented in the Community Information Centres have also evolved from this SFC application.

The new version of SFC, called e-Subidha SFC is based on a generalised model that makes the application suitable for implementation in government organisations, having Citizen-Centric-Interface and Hard Copy printed deliverables, with end to end workflow automation.

This Web based module of e-Subidha SFC facilitates enquiring about the status of a Citizen Service Request for any particular service. The person inquiring has to select his/her District, Sub-division, the Year of his/her application, the Service for which he/she has applied for and his/her Application Serial Number. The last three information could be found on the Acknowledgement Receipt delivered from the e-Subidha SFC Counter during the Filing of Application for Service. Status would be displayed if the required information is entered correctly. A printout of the displayed status could be taken out if required.

If an application is being processed, then the status would be shown as In Process. In this case the Person may be asked to visit the Authorised person for further inquiry, accompanied by Originals of Supporting Documents. Please note the Visit Date, Visit Time, Person to meet and the Office Address in such cases. In case an Application has been processed, the Status would be displayed as either Issued or Rejected, depending on the Admissibility of the Citizens claim.

If you are a Citizen, you could enquire about the status of a Service Request based on your Application ID or use the Advance Search Option to locate the same. Also, Authorised users can monitor the functioning of a Office implementing e-Suvidha Application in terms of MIS Reports like Operator Work Summary Report & Summary Report.

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