Technology and Rollout:

     e-Hospital@NIC is built over HL7 Development Framework (HDF) - a standard framework for hospital processes and services. It is ISO/IEC 9126 certified and fulfils minimum dataset requirements of EMR/EHR Standards prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare beside fulfilling requirements of HL7 Dataset parameters. ISO/IEC 25051 -COTS certification is in progress.

          e-Hospital@NIC is fully web enabled and is made available on Open Source Software and Standards as given below:

Free Open Source Software tools
Operating System: LINUX
Framework : JSP, Servlet, Struts, JSF, Ajax & Hibernate
Application Server : JBOSS
Backend RDBMS : PostgreSql 8.4

         A minimum of two 64GB RAM/RAID-based servers are required along with requisite number 2 GB RAM client PC systems depending on the size of the hospital.

         e-Hospital@NIC is free from proprietary software/ technology and therefore comes with a low overall cost of ownership of the HMIS and is free from vendor-lock issues. It has been designed for cloud infrastructure, its multi-tenancy feature is the key which makes it possible for multiple hospitals to use the same instance of e-Hospital@NIC.
        The high configurability of e-Hospital@NIC makes rollout and deployment easy and fast. Most of the User Interfaces (UIs) and Reports Formats are configurable. Template based diagnostic and laboratory reports are configurable by doctors/ para-medical staffs to suit their own localized requirements and choices without compromising standards and inter-operability. Easily customizable and configurable User Interfaces (UIs) and template based-reports also makes it easy for users to adapt very fast to the system.
        The project is scalable and a small data setup in a hospital can be upgraded to act as a mini-data center and can push data in regular intervals to State Data Centres (SDCs) to act as data repository for Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), research activities as well as Disaster Recovery (DR) services. The software is scalable enough to be used by different hospitals as Software As A Service (SaaS) over private cloud infrastructure being created under NeGP (SDCs and NIC DCs) using the cloud technology.

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