Tangible benefits of e-Hospital@NIC

Tangible benefits of e-Hospital@NIC include drastic reduction in patient "waiting time"; overall streamlining of all hospital processes, easy access for doctors to relevant information on patients, diseases, investigations, diagnoses, prescribed medicines, past history, etc.; better control over the stock maintenance resulting in possible inventory reduction and proper billing and up-to-date accounts maintenance. Registration of patients is an area in which e-Hospital@NIC lends complete control. It keeps track of all registered patients through unique permanent health identification numbers. Returning patients are therefore not treated as new patients. e-Hospital@NIC provides various MIS reports related to billing, MRD, consultants, inventory, etc., which helps management in better monitoring and planning. It also provides statistical reports which give information on common diseases prevalent in the catchment areas of the hospital. A comparative study of services/facilities delivery status before and after implementation of e-Hospital@NIC makes its impact obvious:

Service/Facilities In Manual System

Using e-Hospital@NIC

Patient Registration 1 Minute 15 seconds per New patient 35 seconds per New patient
Follow-Up Re-Registration with UHID) 15-30 minutes per patien 15 seconds per patient
Billing & Cash Collection 2 - 4 hours per patient 30 seconds
Laboratory Investigation report for OPD patient 1 day to 2days Same day in most cases
Radiology Investigation Report for OPD Patient 1 day to 2 days Same day in most cases
Emergency Services such as Ambulance, Blood Bank, OT etc Unmanaged and available only at specific service delivery counters. Managed and available at all care points
Dietary Service Unmanaged diet distribution among patient as per diet scale
Managed diet distribution among patient as per diet scale & linked with inventory system of raw materials
Inventory Service Unmanaged with wastage of valuable stocks Reduced waste - no stockpiling or expired products
Blood Bank Manual- inefficient Increase in blood utilization, specially on the high cost products - wastage avoided
*Donor's information shared and disseminated helping Donor deferral process and avoiding repeat of expensive tests.
*Centralize Blood inventory information -saves time, cost and makes blood banking productive.
Care Planning by Physicians Care planning is event based and time consuming EMR of a patient helps physician in better care planning and monitoring
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